l o a d i n g


Hey there, I'm Rod Sot, born and raised in Santiago de Chile, currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. Sometimes Digital Designer, sometimes Web Developer, but all the time Photographer.

I make photographs because simply I love it, it is my way of approaching my surroundings, it is my biggest excuse to put shyness aside. I like to make myself invisible in the crowd, with a camera in my hands. Simply documenting the everyday, the regular movements, the normal stuff, and see how everything is revealed in a fraction of second (or sometimes several seconds). For me, the act of take a camera, and press the shutter, it is a meditation act, where I can feel free, without thinking so much, it is just the things that happen in a certain moment, it is all about the connection.

Loneliness, isolation, imperfection, fear, introspection, nostalgia, chaos are some of the states that I try to express through my work. Always trying to pose more questions/unknowns than answers/solutions on my images. I like to keep things on secret and leave further interpretations to the audience, leaving the punctum connection with them. Sometimes, a question is repeated while vaguing the streets: Why am I here?


I can say that my ikigai is Photography, Art, and all the creativity that can surge from these crafts. I believe that everyone in the world can and should create something, just for the sake of do it. Just for ourselves.

Rod Sot